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There are few travel related wonderful quotes/thoughts I would love to share today. These quotes always inspired me to explore the world and leave the known land. I will share these quotes from most inspiring travellers, with pictures from my own travels.   Often while traveling with a camera we arrive just as the sun… Continue reading Best Travel Quotes


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Dance Umbrella – Inter_rupted by Aditi Mangaldas

Outstanding performance by Aditi Mangaldas’ Team as ‘Inter_rupted” this week at Barbican Centre under the Dance Umbrella. It was an excellent blend of Indian Traditional Dance “Kathak”  and contemporary style. Specially the way, they have used head and hairs to present thoughts, or heart beats with dance moves in team. Inter_rupted emerges from the body, exploring its… Continue reading Dance Umbrella – Inter_rupted by Aditi Mangaldas