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Dance Umbrella – Inter_rupted by Aditi Mangaldas

Outstanding performance by Aditi Mangaldas’ Team as ‘Inter_rupted” this week at Barbican Centre under the Dance Umbrella.

It was an excellent blend of Indian Traditional Dance “Kathak”  and contemporary style. Specially the way, they have used head and hairs to present thoughts, or heart beats with dance moves in team.


Inter_rupted emerges from the body, exploring its fragility, disintegration, resilience, vulnerability, invincibility, inevitability and renewal. In celebration of human existence, the body and its spirit.

Throw of dice
Broken flowers and ash
Beating heart and interruptions
Journeys and aspirations
Meeting myself

“When we look at the body in finer and finer detail, can we find what we’re protecting? If we visualise searching right down amid the very marrow for the thingness of our body, can we find it? Attachment to one’s physical form is based on the body being a reliable, continuous entity. But can we pinpoint what we’re clinging to when we probe its depths?” – Pema Chodron

Dance Umbrella’s mission is to celebrate 21st century choreography. We do so enthusiastically and collaboratively through an annual, international London festival, through year-round creative learning opportunities for all ages, and by developing choreographic talent. Our aim is to entice audiences, nurture artists, innovate practice, and stimulate interest in the power of the body in motion.

“2016 will see Dance Umbrella mixing some truly extraordinary international choreographers with rich, home-grown talent.  In addition to the choreographic and geographic range, the festival performances include live music, fresh grass and a completely anonymous programme.   With work from six different countries on show I am particularly proud of the three made possible by our Commission Fund. “
Emma Gladstone, Artistic Director and Chief Executive, Dance Umbrella


Here you can see offical summary YouTube video :


Its one of the best performances if you would like to taste beautiful evening at Barbican Centre. Ofcourse, if you go early, dont miss trying food at Barbican Kitchen.


Photos and facts text courtesy : Aditi mangaldas’ channel, Barbican and Dance Umbrella


4 thoughts on “Dance Umbrella – Inter_rupted by Aditi Mangaldas

  1. Looks like a wonderful show! Do you have more information to share on prices/location/showtimes? Would love to add it to my list of things to do in London!


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